“Hi, I am Patti Clark and I am Definitely People. My focus is on people and their personal development and growth. Every individual has strengths, talents, interests, gifts and abilities and I’d love to work with you to release that potential within. It isn’t always easy to find either answers or the motivation on our own. I will support and encourage you as together we explore and find ways for you to grow, and find purpose and direction.”

Why invest in career counselling?

“For years I’ve been unhappy in my work. Until I met Patti I thought that was the normal state for most people. Within minutes of meeting her I could see that the work I’m doing is not the best match for my personality—all along I’ve been trying to fit myself into a place that is the wrong shape for me. Already I feel more settled and happier about myself.”

Some decisions can change the way you feel about your life. Choosing or changing your career is one of those decisions. If you’re not on the best career path you may feel dissatisfied, unsure of yourself, or just plain miserable, and chances are this also affects your life outside work. Investing in skilled and compassionate career guidance can help you make career decisions with knowledge and confidence. It can lift you up.

What if I don’t have a job or my position has been made redundant?

It’s even more important when you’re out of work to get good help finding a role that’s right for you. Even though money issues and family pressure may seem overwhelming, this is when a caring and experienced career coach can present you with opportunities you might not have considered, and help you into a far better position than if you’d made a rushed decision.

How important is your CV?

If you don’t get this right you may not get an interview! Does yours stand out, is it relevant, precise, easy to read, express your skills and achievements accurately – does it sell you and say, “Pick Me”?

Patti can help you:
• recognise your own skills and attributes and provide the language to communicate these to others
• break down barriers to progress and find the confidence needed to make changes
• understand the purpose of cover letters and CV’s, refine their content, and hone interview techniques.

Do you feel like a square peg in a round hole?

Maybe you’re not even sure what shape you are! If your career has no direction, or if the direction isn’t comfortable, sometimes a few simple changes can make your career feel like it was tailor-made for you. Patti is passionate about helping people find the career that’s the right fit for them and, in the process, helping them rediscover their zest for life.